God’s Provision|| College, Life, and Change

If you’ve read my past post, then you must already have an idea of God’s great provision as I go along another chapter in my life. Being a very dependent and pampered person, and separating from my parents in a country that I have not been familiarized with is a scary thought.

But here I am! And let me tell you, though it may be a struggle physically, emotionally, spiritually, and believe it or not, linguistically as well (haha that’s another story), God made it seem so… easy (which it is for such a someone majestic like Him.)

By the way, I’m so sorry, in advance, if my sentences don’t seem to connect. I don’t know where to start and stories just seem to pop up out of no where haha :). God has done so many things, it’s just so overwhelming and I want to make sure I type it down to every single detail.

At school I was, unsurprisingly, surrounded by many oppositions and many different views and beliefs. Many people who argue about their opinions on homosexuality, sex, religion, and God. What I am really grateful for are the many Christian friends God had provided for me in the midst of all the opposition. I am surrounded by Christians ready to help, support, comfort, and guide me throughout my journey. God had everything all planned out! It’s just— dnfolaiefizdubcfze!!

Though there were many conflicts, I was surrounded by Christians ready to help, support, comfort, and guide me throughout my journey.

Starting from my flight home to the Philippines, (1) I had some of my classmates with me in the same plane! Which was both exciting and comforting to know. And when I enrolled into the University, (2) I was unexpectedly greeted by a familiar face… it was my school mate back in Dubai! We both were late enrollees, so we were considered international students, but even so we managed to have the same schedule. We were together most of the time haha! It was nice to have a familiar face in such an unfamiliar place. Ooh! that rhymes! 😀

Then there’s (3) Shayne, my best friend, dorm mate, AND classmate. A triple-blessing in one person. She was and is really such a great joy and blessing to be with. I didn’t make much friends at our class so I was glad that Shayne was willing to be with me. I never realized how much I really needed her. She helps me continue to become the joyful- and annoying person I am.

(4) Plus our two other roommates who are both super nice AND super duper fun to be with! Since they are a year older than Shayne and I, they helped us familiarize with the place and people along the way.

Then there’s (5) Bethany, a part of our youth ministry at our church in Dubai, who also studies at CEU (the University I currently study in).

(6) My mom also reconnected with my old childhood friend who studies in CEU as well and is in her 3rd year of studying as a proper dental student. I mean, how cool is that?! (7) And since I stay in a dorm, it’s very easy and safe to go to school. I also have the choice whether to go visit and sleep in my relatives’ house.

I’m not yet done haha! Remember in my last post when I was worried about finding a church? Well guess what? (8) I’m met with 3 churches. One that is an LRT ride away from my dorm and two that’s nearby my hometown. Isn’t that awesome? And everybody’s just so welcoming and the presence of the Lord is present and alive in each one of the churches.

In one of those 3 churches, (9) I’ve become close to, two very cool and awesome persons. Dheya and Kuya Chard. Yeah you guys haha! Thank You Lord for these two! They’ve become my prayer-buds and we would just pray for each other’s needs and remind each other of the goodness of the Lord.

(10) Then there’s the Requilme family who always makes me feel welcome and at home. Spoiled even! Bless them.

Now that everything’s all settled down, there’s still just one thing my mom continues to worry about and that is… transportation. Almost everybody knows how dangerous and unsafe Philippines can be, especially in Metro Manila, where CEU resides in. Moving back and forth from my dorm, to the house, to the church, can be physically exhausting but most of all, risky. Especially if I travel alone. (11) Here’s when God intervened… on our journey to school, we met three sisters. All three studied at CEU. One studies Nursing, the other Optometry, and the eldest, Dentistry. We got their numbers and they agreed to let me join them on the way to school.

Weeks passed by and classes got suspended more than once because of the heavy rain and strong wind. I decided to go home to Laguna, which is 2-3 hours away from the school. The day after that, school’s back. I had to wake up early once again and kick my butt up to school. My mom and I went up to the bus, and I chose the two empty seats closest to the entrance of the bus. Little did I know that right next to us were the three girls we met a few weeks ago. This time, they were with their mother. Mom looked for ways to start a conversation, and finally she spoke to their mom. And man, did she find out a lot of things. (12) Turns out, they are a Christian family and their mother has been working at CEU for 29 years. So she is very well known and well respected. And they agreed to help, teach, and guide me on how to travel on my own. Plus! they had a church nearby Laguna, and invited us to join them this Sunday. Praise the Lord! I’m just like– like– wow! Hahaha O how He loves me so ❤ Thank You Lord!

Aaaaand I’m still not done! If you’ve read my older post, I’ve mentioned having trouble finding friends. Though I have made friends, they just seemed like acquaintances to me. Most of them have already experienced smoking, drinking, parties- and I just felt so left out. I prayed to God to give me a friend at school who has the heart for Jesus… and yes, you guessed it! Going to number eleven in the countdown of God’s never-ending favor, grace, and blessings, (13) is a girl named Jennifer and a guy named Arjhay whose heart beats for Jesus. They managed to make friends with everybody and still stand strong to their faith and beliefs. They encourage and remind me to keep my integrity and faith at school. And can you believe it? I prayed for at least one Christian friend- and God gave me a lot more than what I asked for! I don’t want to seem like I’m over reacting or something. To some people, this is all just a coincidence, not such a big deal. You have no idea…

Oh! and let me add just one more- though there’s a lot more where the blessings came from- I would looove to thank God again and again for the 14th blessing… (14) Eloisa Gongon, my former online friend that I met from Wattpad and Facebook. We became close because of our love and hunger for God– and our craziness! Ahahaha! She studies in UE which is pretty much 15 minutes away from my University! Surprise surprise! Isn’t that awesooome? God’s presence is just around the place, surrounding me, and burning inside of me!

I can’t seem to get enough blessing from the Lord! Let me add the other blessings that brings me so much joy as well, like my good grades, the cats and other animals all over the place, the lightning and the rain (which brings me so much joy!), my comfy bed, and boooy there’s just too much! Thank You Lord! ❤

If you’re going through some financial problems, college dilemmas, or whatsoever, have NO FEAR because our God is always and always will be here by our side. Just surrender it all to Him. Let Him take the wheel.

I know it ain’t easy. I went through depression for months and months. But on the very same year, I received such great blessings and comfort from God. You see, I cried almost every night. I felt very distant from God. I deceived myself to believe that I had “surrendered” everything to Jesus but I was still carrying a few boxes of worry.

He doesn’t promise a smooth ride. In fact, you might have to go through rocky roads and steep hills. But God promised that we would reach the other side. Just trust in Him.”

And that’s what I did.

Luke 8:22
One day Jesus said to his disciples, “Let’s cross to the other side of the lake.” So they got into a boat and started out.

As you continue to verse 23, a great, big storm descended on the lake they sailed on. The disciples were frightened and freaking out! These disciples were expert fishermen, yet they were afraid. That shows just how strong the storm was. They finally called out for Jesus, who was fast asleep…

Luke 8:24
…He got up and rebuked the wind and the raging waters; the storm subsided, and all was calm.

In the end, they reached to the other side despite the huge storm.

Let us call unto Jesus. We can’t do this on our own. He’ll go with You through it all. Our great Savior, Healer, and Provider. Call unto Jesus.

God bless you, my lovelies ❤ Sprinkles of joy!


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