Mcdo helped me be brave.

Brave is different for everybody. She could be this today and that tomorrow. For others, Brave is dying her hair red or maybe saying “sorry” to a foe. Today, Brave is telling the staff at Mcdo that they upset her.

A few days before that, I got a tasteless sprite. I don’t like tension and uncomfortable situations so I decided to go with it. I call her Peace. Peace tends to hold Brave back at times when I need her to act out. Buti nalang outspoken and brave tong kaibigan ko. She told the lady to have it changed. I’m glad she was with me. I wouldn’t have enjoyed drinking it as much. I don’t know about you but having to confront people makes me reaaaaally nervous just thinking about it. But hey, I got a tasty sprite!

A few days after that, I ate with my friend at Chowking. My drink reflected soap on it. It didn’t taste bad so Peace decided to go with it (yet again), but I had another brave friend who got it changed for me. I know, I know we have the right as customers to have the best service, blah blah blah- hear me out. I’m the kind of person who’s willing to deal with a burden as long as I don’t upset anybody. Is it an act of kindness? at times. But I really do needed to teach my Peace a lesson.

Then there came today. My friends and I went to Mcdo for our dinner. We waited in line for so long only to find out that the woman behind the counter took turns with another woman, and the substitute suddenly attended to those out of the line. No biggie right? But at that time, I was so upset I felt like crying. I switched to the other queue and the woman (originally attending) came back and told the people in line to move to the correct side.

Ate, I’m upset ’cause I waited so long in line and the person who took your place attended to those in the wrong line. Please tell her to be more attentive next time.

Eh kayo nga po Ma’am yung hindi attentive.

Then I end up crying.

That’s how the convo went about in my head. Finally, it was my turn and I gave my order. I was the last in line. The other queue was longer but nobody went to her counter. I took this sign as the opportunity to speak.

I voiced out what I rehearsed in my head – with lesser eloquence and a restrained voice (that sounded like I was constipated… exagg!). The staff peeps working in the back were listening and started to whisper among themselves. To my relief, the woman didn’t look too annoyed and apologized for their mistake.

After completing my order, she said, “Thank you for waiting.” And that, my friends, was healing right then and there. My Peace wasn’t wounded. Brave made it whole. Her response made it whole-r (if that makes any sense).

Peace under pressure.

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”

– John 14:27

Btw, it’s honestly my friends and family who taught me to be brave. God directed me. Mcdonalds… yum.


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