CEU || Pre-Dent: Injections

Part of our curriculum in dentistry is primary health care (PHC.) In that subject you’d get to learn about the very basic information you need to know about your health, hygiene and how to manage it. It promotes independence and initiative to care for your own needs and the needs of others.

Moving on, sorry. Under that subject we were required to perform injections. That excited me a hella lot ’cause that was probably the only closest medical-related thing I got to study and apply. Aside from all the coloring (botany, zoology and anatomy days… minsan magkakaroon ka na nalang ng “hand fatigue” sa kaka-kulay,) drawing, sticking those annoying Drosophila melanogaster on your journal, etc. This one was more “Doctor-like.” Kaya na-excite talaga ako.

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I bought sterilized water, a few needles, a pack of cotton balls and a handy dandy alcohol. I was so prepared. The only thing I lacked was a ‘hooman’ to practice on. I asked my Ninang (na dentist) to do the intra-dermal injection on my forearm so that I would know what to do and experience what my partner would feel before-hand. BESHY ANG SAKIT! I was so chill and ready like, “Go lang Nang!” tapos nung papasok na ang sterile water- mapapa-OMG ka nalang. Hindi ko na tinuloy yung intra-muscular. Natakot na ako. (But I forgot the pain and allowed a friend to practice on me.) I don’t know what hurts more. Perhaps the intra-muscular lasts longer, like someone punched you real hard on your upper arm. Then the intra-dermal had this quick stingy sensation, kind of like a pinch of a crab (though I’ve never been pinched by a crab- you could imagine it though.) It’s tolerable. And it feels good when you’re done. No, I ain’t masochist. You just feel… stronger. Like you’ve overcome a big giant or something. Fun.

I was still looking for someone to practice on. But since everybody seemed so busy- and my other classmates already got a ton of needles on their arms- I decided to inject (intra-dermal) myself. Was it malpractice? Well, nothing bad happened. And it was a success. Would I make a bad Doctor? Was it stupid of me? (my thoughts.) BUT it was a success. I was pretty proud of myself back there haha!

Image result for injection intramuscular  cartoonWhen I finally found a friend to practice on I just poked her upper arm with the needle ’cause I freaked out. She let me have a go the second time (thank you, Shayne!) Even though I was slightly calm after, my hands still shook. So I did it again, without changing the needle (my bad)- and I was able to get the sterile water in her Deltoid muscle BUT I forgot to aspirate the plunger (to check if I hit a vein.) My bad. It happened yet again on another friend. But worst! I opened the cap of the needle incorrectly and ended up puncturing my finger THEN, oh gosh forgive me people, I used the very same needle (I WAS NERVOUS) on my friend- sorry Merangel! Don’t worry, nothing bad happened to her. She’s fine and jolly as ever. That incident did make me more alert the next time. Better learn from mistakes now before it’s too late (positive thinking.)

In the end, I got a perfect score in my return demonstration and so did my partner! All praises to God ^^

Special shout out to those who let me puncture a needle in ‘thee skin. Some brave butted people:
– Shayney Poo Bear!
– Merangue
– Tonsillitis boy
– My pretty partner: Shai (2x) Tinapay!

Picture credits:
Wiki How to Give an Intramuscular Injection

Journey of a Dorm Bible Study Group

Before college started, I’ve had this desire to start a Bible study at the university or at the dorm. It was a dream of mine to have fellowship with people of the same spirit and passion to know and share God. When college came, the school works and stress came along with it. The idea of starting a Bible study in the dorm vanished and I slowly forgot about it. But God had a different route in mind.

Just a week ago, one of my classmates, who happened to stay at our dorm as well, suggested to take up a Bible study in her room. She said that she’s been praying for some spiritual fellowship for a long time. I may have let go of that plan, but God hasn’t. To me, having my quiet time with Him everyday was enough (which sometimes doesn’t even push through because of the busyness). But God knew more. He knew I needed more discipline, encouragement, and spiritual growth through fellowship in His word and Spirit. My heart smiles at this because God cares so much about us. He will not allow to let us slip away that easily.

We held our first Bible study in our dorm at La Consolacion College in her small room that had just enough space for five people. There were three of us present, Shayne, Crystal, and I. We started with a short prayer, worship, then to the Word, sharing, and prayer requests. It was a great beginning! We were filled with joy and renewed passion for the Lord.

We plan to invite random people to our small group meeting and hopefully, there will be some who would be interested to join. It won’t be easy. There will be rejection, persecution, opposition and a lot of other things that might try to stop our plans. Not only that, but if the number of people in our Bible study grows, we would have to plan on changing our location to somewhere more spacious. We might attract some unwanted attention which may lead to the end of our dorm room Bible study. Our University and dormitory is a very religious community, so something that goes against their practice might alarm them. I doubt that meeting together to read the Bible goes against their religion, but there are still a few stories of Christian colleges shutting down small group meetings and comparing it to fraternities and sororities. Though we’re not yet in that situation- in fact, very far. It is good to prepare for when it might happen.

I’m just so amazed and psyched up about how quickly everything is coming to place! So I thank the Lord for this great opportunity to learn His word, grow closer to Him, and reach out to others and share God’s greatness to them. I was also slightly surprised that there were actually people who are as excited as I am for the Bible study.

There’s a lot to think about though. It’s easy to just plan a date and simply invite people and share the Word. But we should also contemplate about our motives, our mission, what is the goal of the group, and what does it hope to grow into or impart to it’s members. How do we plan to reach out to people? Will the dorm allow a small room organization to take place? So these are the few important things we’d have to discuss and ponder on before we start expanding our small group.

I can’t wait for the next session! Though I’m quite anxious as well ’cause I’ll be the next to lead the meeting. I know I shouldn’t, but I’ve always been conscious of what people might think of me when I speak in English (I stay in the Philippines and I’m not very fluent in Tagalog). Though it’s nothing I should worry about, it was always something that troubled me ever since I was a child. Anyway, I shouldn’t be worried about it because God’s got it all covered. He’s got everything all sorted out. I just have to do my part. And I’m pretty excited!

I’d love it if you guys lent your prayers for our Bible study to continue to run smoothly and along with the will of God. Thank you for all your prayers and support! Will be updating you all to how it went 😉

Lots of love and sprinkles of joy!

When Things Go Out of Control… God Will Make a Way || College, Life, & Change

College has honestly been stressful. Never have I studied this much in my life! Quizzes and home works here and there, and the last thing you’d want to happen is to get sick. Well guess what? I got sick… (-_-;) and that was a day before my midterm exam started. Perfect timing. Please take note of my sarcasm. Staying in a dorm apart from your family and having to decide, “Am I sick enough to go home and rest OR should I stay in and study?”, is a decision I struggled to make. I’ve never missed an exam when I was in high school nor did I ever experience getting sick in the Philippines away from my mom and dad. So this pretty panicked me a little. I called my relatives and they informed my parents and man, was my mom worried sick. So I went to the school clinic to get a check up- mom’s command. Based on the check-up, I didn’t have a fever, my temperature’s fine, I’m pretty much healthy. But I felt horrible. I probably lacked a lot of sleep/rest.

My family demanded me to go back home to rest. I contemplated on it and made the choice to go home. My head hurt too bad to study and I probably will get a fever if I didn’t get enough rest. When I got home I slept ALL DAY and boy, did it feel good to sleep. The next day, my lola (grandmother) and I went to the hospital to get another check-up (by the demands of my other worried-sick relatives) to figure out what meds I need to take and to ask for the opinion of the doctor, and for a medical certificate that I would need as proof for a reasonable excuse for being absent. My tita (aunt) told me that in their last visit, the doctor was a really grouchy man or how Filipinos would call it, mataray.

Will he even give me a medical certificate? I’m not even sick enough to get one. I thought to myself, worried.

My lola told me not to worry, she said she had already prayed for the doctor. When we entered the room, we weren’t met by a smile. As expected. But after a few minutes of talking, he suddenly smiled and even laughed! He started joking and we talked as if we were close friends. What a joy! hahaha

Me and my lola rode a tricycle back home and talked about how joyful the doctor actually was. The tricycle driver, who has known the doctor for a long time (through other patients), said that Doc was usually a grumpy man. Well,, God has His ways. I smiled and thought about at how awesome God is on the ride home.

Once I got everything checked, I have my meds, I have my medical certificate, I’m feeling good. Now, I should probably start studying for the exams that I’ve missed. But I guess, it wouldn’t hurt to eat a little… ooh they’re watching Annie 2014! Maybe I’ll watch for a few minutes.

~After an hour~

Ugh, my head hurt. I’ll sleep now.

Yup! you guessed it. Not one little bit of productivity. The next day, I went back to the dorm and made my way to school to get my readmission slip so I could take my special exams for free. Without the medical certificate- you’d have to pay to take the exams- and I missed 8 out of 11. Guess what? I left the medical certificate all the way back home in Magallanes, and my dorm is located in Manila, which is 2 hours away from each other- disregarding the traffic. Lord, what do I do? Let Your will be done, its out of my control now. I didn’t know what to do anymore. I started to sing “God Will Make a Way” out loud. I didn’t care what my dorm mates might think, I just needed to calm myself down and trust in God that He will make a way. Surprisingly, I wasn’t fazed by the situation. I knew deep inside of me, beyond my easily panicked heart, that God will make a way- it may not be easy- but I know God will bring me where He wills. And just so you know, God’s will is perfect and His plans are made to give me a hope and a future and not to harm me. Jeremiah 11:29 wooooh! haha

I texted my mom and she told me to go to Ma’am Odessa’s office. In case you guys haven’t read my older post, Ma’am Odessa is the woman we met in a local bus on our way to school from my hometown, Laguna. This is a big deal because mom and dad will go back to live in Dubai, and I’d have to be able to go to school alone- which isn’t exactly safe especially when your home is 2 hours away, and me being a dependent kid with no knowledge of the area doesn’t help one bit. Plus, Philippines isn’t exactly the safest place in the world. Anyway, surprisingly, Ma’am Odessa has been working in CEU (the university I’m currently studying in) for 25+ years! And now she’s became a close friend of ours and I am very thankful to God for bringing her and her family into our lives. What’s even more cool and lupet is that they’re a Christian family as well! Haha isn’t God so awesome!? So she’s the one who helped my get my readmission slip and medical certificate from the school. Everything went so smoothly that I forgot why I was worried in the first place.

I was able to take my exams. I struggled a little ’cause I barely studied- but I did try my best, and by the grace of God I got good grades 🙂

It may seem like a little problem, and it is… to God. But can you imagine? a big, extraordinary God will find the time to fix such a small problem for a sinful person like me?

Another hurdle I had to jump through is my anger and irritation to my theology teacher. I’m usually a nice and understanding person and I’m embarrassed to say this but, my blood coils at the sight of her. It makes me feel… un-Christian, if that makes sense. So yeah, I asked her if I could take the exam… she told me that I could after her class. The only problem is that I have a Math class after hers and I have to take an exam there as well.

“That’s your problem, not mine… you either take the exam or you don’t.” was her nerve-gutting reply. I resisted the urge to glare. And my oh my, I forgot to mention, she gave a project-quiz on the day of the exam- which I wasn’t informed of because I was sick. I asked her if I could take have a chance to do the assignment- she told me, It’s your responsibility for not being informed and asking your classmates. You have to accept the consequences.

Ugh, who announces an assignment on exam days? ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ << angry emoticon. And btw, I did inform one of my classmates that I was sick but I wasn’t informed of any homework! I really wanted to rip my hair off from the frustration I felt. She wouldn’t give me a chance to explain nor did she give me a chance to do that one assignment which was both a project and a quiz, which meant I could lose a lot of grades if I don’t pass it. Well how could I? She won’t give me a chance. What annoyed me more is that she kept of telling the whole class that, It’s a very simple assignment- sad to say, some of you are lazy and not responsible enough to do it. (;一_一)

That was it. I let my anger sink in and I couldn’t help but despise her with all my heart. My consciousness of this ugly feeling brought up another ugly feeling… guilt and shame. I cannot believe I got easily affected by this person. Yeah, I’m not doing anything bad to her- but I forgot to mention the part where I imagined grabbing her hair and screaming at her face. Yeap… I completely forgot of God’s love in a snap. I angrily stomped back to my dorm with a failing grade and an angry heart. I called my dad and told him the whole story, and praise the Lord for a wonderful, patient, understanding, and ever-loving daddy! He spoke kindly, gently rebuking my anger but with love and compassion. Which reminded me of how sad God must have felt when I cursed my teacher in my head. I asked my friends (the youth in our church back in Dubai) to pray for my anger and irritation, and that God would give me a loving and forgiving heart. Amazingly, just a few minutes to talking with my dad and my friends, my anger turned into love and joy! I was so amazed at how quickly God had answered our prayers!

In the midst of all our problems, we have to learn to love others just as God loves us. We should love even those we hate and despise… If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners love those who love them. And if you do good to those who are good to you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners do that. Luke 6:32-33 

It’s not easy to love those you despise, I’ve just realized ahaha! But once you have experienced and felt how much God, Our Father loves you. It wouldn’t be hard to radiate that love to others.

I’ll end with the well-known, but easily forgotten Bible verse,

1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Praise God for everything! He really is alive and working in our lives today, you just have a stop and listen for His still, small voice. He’s there. Just be still and know that He is Lord. God bless you, my lovelies!

College & Updates on Life! ^^

Hey! I know its been a long time I haven’t posted anything and I deeply apologize. Life has been quite busy and quick and, in other words, dramatic and crazy. But God has definitely been good in my life. And by the way, I’m in college now! I enrolled at CEU, Manila taking Pre-Dentistry as my pre-med to become a proper dental student. So yeah, there are lots of ongoing changes in my life right now and surprisingly… I’ve been doing well, which makes me even more confident of the Bible verse, Philippines 4:13 “I can do all things THROUGH CHRIST who strengthens me.” and He very well did!

At the age of 15, being pampered and very, let me stress it again with bold and italic letters, very dependent on my parents, going back to my hometown to study and (hopefully) survive without their presence is very daunting to imagine. I mean, they’re only going to stay here for 1 month to guide me through, but then for the rest of the years (6 or more), I’ll be on my own. Then again, I’m not really on my own because, believe it or not, God had EVERYTHING planned out. From the flight home to my schooling and studies- everything was so perfect, even if we haven’t seen it laid out in front of our eyes, everything just comes to place right in the very moment. God provided for everything! Believe me.

Okay, so I haven’t told you this story (because I apparently haven’t updated you guys about anything- sorry about that), but I also enrolled to study in UST to take Nursing, which was a blurry choice of course for me to take- well so is dentistry- ANYWAY (going out of topic), I passed the exam ~ with flying colors! Haha kidding aside, I passed the exam but failed the interview. Which by the way, was held at Skype at Feb 14, 6am which was on Valentines day- isn’t that cool for my very first interview? I wasn’t so sad about not passing, and I trusted God that He had a better plan- but at that time, that was the ONLY school I enrolled in and basically, it would be considered late to enroll into any other school for that matter.

Long story short, I am now officially an Escolarian (what they call their students here at Centro Escolar University) and I am proud to be one! I stay in a dormitory with my 3 roommates, one of which includes my best friend, Shayne (who’s been my bud for 3 years). I can say that the dorm and the school is very secure and well managed. #blessed! And believe it or not but, college is fun and exciting… I’ve made new friends, this and that. AND I didn’t experience any cultural shock or any BIG changes, though externally there are quite many big changes in my life- but no doubt, my God has kept me stable. There are times when I feel out of place (or what we call, OP here in the Philippines), because most of the students are older than me and have already experienced drinking, smoking, and partying. But I’m totally fine with that- with all the things that the Lord has provided for me, I’m pretty sure that He will provide true friends as well 🙂 Another thing I’d like to address, is my need for familiarity. Though I didn’t experience any culture shock, the need for something or someone familiar constantly– how do you say this– it feels ouch and sad. Yeah, that’s how It feels. I just miss my friends, all my church-mates, my sibs, classmates, etc. I just miss them all. I miss Grayham as well (my rabbit), and the smell of the beach and the fresh air. No offense Philippines, but the air, if you haven’t noticed, smells polluted. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the Philippines, especially the people- and I do somehow prefer it over Dubai (don’t be too shocked), but it isn’t exactly the cleanest and safest country out there. And many would agree. To put it out more kindly, its a progressing country.

I haven’t found a church near the dorm yet, but I do attend a Christian church in Pacita which is probably an hour and a half away from the school. I don’t mind, as long as I get to attend the service. You have NO idea how important it is to have friends who will help you and guide you spiritually in your life. The fellowships we have at church is like no other get-togethers. They’re the ones who will encourage you and strengthen you in your journey. With this in mind, I started searching for small community churches near Mendiola while I was still abroad. I’m left with none at the moment. But then again, the Lord will provide.

My relationship with God is improving. I get to spend time with Him more than I did back in Dubai and I’m reminded of Him more as well. I feel very grateful and thankful for what He has done in my life this year. Most especially when I go to church on Sundays… I get overwhelmed and start to get teary eyed because- just because haha. I must admit, though I do take the time to read His word and pray every night, I never really savored it. Get me? I’m always either too tired or too stressed to actually just be in the moment with God. I’m always in a hurry reading the Bible, to finish one chapter just to ease myself from the conviction I get, “SPEND MORE TIME WITH GOD.”  No doubt, I need Him. College is a whole new level. More tests and quizzes. You’ve got the “tests of Faith” and the “Who Am I?” quiz. See what I did there? Haha! 😀 funny… funny…

There’s more where that came from and I’d love to tell you guys every single detail. Man, there’s a lot. But I’ve got to study for my quiz on Botany tomorrow. Hohoho God bless you, mah luvs! ^^