My Life

Under this page would be the four categories that (hopefully) summarizes the happenings of my life in a nutshell.

College girl
– I LOVE school. I just love to be with people, be busy and learn. In this category, I will be posting all my experiences, joys and struggles that I went through as a dental student in Centro Escolar University, Manila, Philippines.

Read It (Stories)
– This is where I compile all the short stories, (uncompleted) novels, drafts and ideas that come into mind. Sad to say, this is not my best and organized “field”. Let’s just call it a random thingy majig.

Feel It (Poetry)
– Okay, this is where things go deep. Like, real deep. One thing I love about poetry is the freedom to express your feelings in a way that it is still… hidden. You have to unravel the words to find the meaning behind the masterpiece. I’m not the best (hopefully, I didn’t sound insecure), but I like to keep things real, as do all poets. This is where you’d be able to read through my expressive and crumpled mind.

– Okay first of all, I do not have that much of a freedom to travel anywhere I’d like to (I have no job and I’m still under my parents) BUT. A very big BUT, I do love to roam around wherever my feet may lead me and experience the world face to face so I’m hoping that in the very near future, I’d get to picture all those places- wherever they may be- for you to “experience” as well. Hopefully. God-willing.