My Sweet Sorrow || Poem on Goodbyes

How do I spend a day
Knowing I’ve got little left with you?
What are the words to say
When I have got to leave so soon?

Living in the moment is only best in itself
But when I’m far from you
I keep my emotions

This is yet another “sweet sorrow”
Another goodbye and hello.
Another day, another ‘morrow,
Another chance for faith to grow.

More doors, my Lord, to open
Indeed, more doors to close.
More love I leave behind
So, less love? No, more of those!

Be in awe, O my soul!
There is much in store for you.
Bless the Lord, O my soul!
Don’t miss out on His next move!

My heart will miss so many
For so many my heart loves.
But I shall ne’er forget
The faithful One above.

As I move along the path
Its mysteries unknown,
I shall fix my eyes on He
Who’s seated on the throne!

The sun will rise again
Future glory lies ahead
My soul, you need not worry
Praise the Lord instead!

aeroplane aircraft aircraft wing airplane
Photo by Ingo Joseph on

I’m flying back home to the Philippines in 5 days. I dedicated this poem to my family. Mom, dad and Gab. No matter how much I try to savor the moment, it really only is best in itself. Dramatic, I know haha! I find comfort in that I did take in every moment while it lasted.

Anyway, enough about missing people. I don’t want to put so much thought in those I miss when I could enjoy another now. More to love in the now. How much more will I miss out on by missing those who aren’t with me? Why not treasure whomever God places in my now?

So I will reach forward on what lies ahead, just like Paul did(Phil. 3:13), towards the God-given goal. Whatever God may call me to do. May it be washing the dishes or catching up with a good friend. All for his glory!





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