My little sister…



The moment you woke up (that was 10AM) you were mad ’cause I didn’t wake you up. Actually, you were awake by 7AM. Hiding behind the covers. I wonder what you were thinking. I didn’t know whether to distance myself or give you attention. I’m so used to dealing with older people, I forget you’re still a kid

There are times when you’d listen to me. Today wasn’t those times. You ignored me. I don’t tolerate disobedience (wow, I sound like a mom). You remind me so much of myself as a kid, it’s scary. So, I paused the movie you were watching. You glared at me and growled. Man. I used to growl as a child. I pity my parents for what they had to go through… yet again haha back to zero ba, Mommy?

I almost hit you. I remember I used to. But I realized, I shouldn’t. I’m your ate, not your mom. My voice was loud and stern. You were tough, but you listened anyway. Quite madly. Thrashing things about. Be careful with your actions, I warned. You didn’t listen.

Give me patience, Lord I pleaded. Love, patience, love, patience, love. How do I deal with this kid? What do I do?

I told you to sit. Can’t I give you time out like the other kids? You sat down. Actually didn’t expect that. Gab…. love, patience. You rolled your eyes. love, patience. I laid the situation down before you, told you that I’m not mad anymore and that I love you. Then I left the room (only to hear you grumbling and thrashing about). love, patience. GAH!

Dad’s advice: just talk to her and treat her like nothing happened. So I let it drop. Tried to get your attention casually. And after a few minutes, you let me hug you again. You cling to me and won’t let me go. Hyper and loud. At the prayer meeting, you wrapped mom’s shoal around me because you saw that I was cold.  I’m still learning how to be a better Ate. To not leave you out when I’m talking to my friends. To resist rolling my eyes when you’re pushing my buttons. To love you. To be a role model. To continue being your (slightly) weird Ate. I love you, Gab

Your (slightly) weird Ate Dannelle



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