Mommy, Gab & Special Mamon

i WOKE UP- oops! Still on caps lock. He.He. Anyway, I woke up early in the morning reaaally craving that special mamon I bought in the Philippines as a pasalubong. 20 good darn pieces. There was already one out of the box. So I grabbed it. Yum! So fluffy and sweet! Gab didn’t like the filling, which wasn’t really a filling ’cause it was just the cheese on top she didn’t like.

“I don’t like the filling,” she said, scrunching her nose “so I only ate two bites!”

My eyes landed on her on her half-eaten mamon. And by half, I mean there’s only 1/8 left! I was suddenly reminded of something. I found myself looking at mom and I squinted my eyes in suspicion. I touched the cover of the mamon box, subconsciously holding my breath for what I’m about to see. Somehow, deep inside, I knew. This is it. I threw it open and I saw…


Kidding! I was just exaggerating. Out of 20 pieces, I counted fifteen. I ate one, Gab ate one… and 15 pieces left!


Image result for special mamon
I do not own this picture

“Ano nak?” mom yelled from the kitchen. When she saw what it was I called her for, her lips curved into a sheepish smile followed by her famous laugh (her very beautiful, full, boisterous laugh)

“How many did you eat?” I demanded

“Binaon ko pa si daddy niyaan!” she said in a defensive way.

I looked at the empty space where there should’ve been five pretty mamon.

“How many did you give to dad?”

… a short pause.


I ended up scolding my mom for eating too much- well, she only ate two which isn’t that much. Excluding the ice cream and pasteillas. -_- Love you Mami ko! We have far too many sweets in the house. Which must explain why my fam so cuddly ❤


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