CEU || Pre-Dent: Injections

Part of our curriculum in dentistry is primary health care (PHC.) In that subject you’d get to learn about the very basic information you need to know about your health, hygiene and how to manage it. It promotes independence and initiative to care for your own needs and the needs of others.

Moving on, sorry. Under that subject we were required to perform injections. That excited me a hella lot ’cause that was probably the only closest medical-related thing I got to study and apply. Aside from all the coloring (botany, zoology and anatomy days… minsan magkakaroon ka na nalang ng “hand fatigue” sa kaka-kulay,) drawing, sticking those annoying Drosophila melanogaster on your journal, etc. This one was more “Doctor-like.” Kaya na-excite talaga ako.

Image result for injection intramuscular  cartoon

I bought sterilized water, a few needles, a pack of cotton balls and a handy dandy alcohol. I was so prepared. The only thing I lacked was a ‘hooman’ to practice on. I asked my Ninang (na dentist) to do the intra-dermal injection on my forearm so that I would know what to do and experience what my partner would feel before-hand. BESHY ANG SAKIT! I was so chill and ready like, “Go lang Nang!” tapos nung papasok na ang sterile water- mapapa-OMG ka nalang. Hindi ko na tinuloy yung intra-muscular. Natakot na ako. (But I forgot the pain and allowed a friend to practice on me.) I don’t know what hurts more. Perhaps the intra-muscular lasts longer, like someone punched you real hard on your upper arm. Then the intra-dermal had this quick stingy sensation, kind of like a pinch of a crab (though I’ve never been pinched by a crab- you could imagine it though.) It’s tolerable. And it feels good when you’re done. No, I ain’t masochist. You just feel… stronger. Like you’ve overcome a big giant or something. Fun.

I was still looking for someone to practice on. But since everybody seemed so busy- and my other classmates already got a ton of needles on their arms- I decided to inject (intra-dermal) myself. Was it malpractice? Well, nothing bad happened. And it was a success. Would I make a bad Doctor? Was it stupid of me? (my thoughts.) BUT it was a success. I was pretty proud of myself back there haha!

Image result for injection intramuscular  cartoonWhen I finally found a friend to practice on I just poked her upper arm with the needle ’cause I freaked out. She let me have a go the second time (thank you, Shayne!) Even though I was slightly calm after, my hands still shook. So I did it again, without changing the needle (my bad)- and I was able to get the sterile water in her Deltoid muscle BUT I forgot to aspirate the plunger (to check if I hit a vein.) My bad. It happened yet again on another friend. But worst! I opened the cap of the needle incorrectly and ended up puncturing my finger THEN, oh gosh forgive me people, I used the very same needle (I WAS NERVOUS) on my friend- sorry Merangel! Don’t worry, nothing bad happened to her. She’s fine and jolly as ever. That incident did make me more alert the next time. Better learn from mistakes now before it’s too late (positive thinking.)

In the end, I got a perfect score in my return demonstration and so did my partner! All praises to God ^^

Special shout out to those who let me puncture a needle in ‘thee skin. Some brave butted people:
– Shayney Poo Bear!
– Merangue
– Tonsillitis boy
– My pretty partner: Shai (2x) Tinapay!

Picture credits:
Wiki How to Give an Intramuscular Injection


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