So Why Dentistry?

Reading this post gave me mixed feelings about Dentistry. Leaning more towards the doubtful side. Before I came to take this course, I never really thought of… teeth and payed no special attention to it. I viewed it as something more superficial. I never thought it had such great importance to one’s confidence, lifestyle and comfort. Reading her enthusiasm and great desire made me doubt if this is the route for me. I mean, I could relate. In some ways, the reasons she took Dentistry has grown to become the reason I took mine. But I caught myself explaining this to people with uncertainty.

Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying my studies- nothing super hard has come up anyway. I enjoy what I’m doing. I really hope and pray I’d learn to love Dentistry, and perhaps, if it isn’t the course for me- that there’d be a huge, quick sign telling me so!

Anyway, I’m holding on and looking forward to what God has in store. Living for Him. That’s what matters most.
– Dan.

Eat Pray Learn

I thought I’d take a break from my usual food-related post and talk a little bit about my academic ambitions and why I’m actually going to school.  As much as I love food, cooking, fitness and nutrition, these are simply my hobbies.  People often ask me why I don’t just become a chef and open up a restaurant or something along those lines.  My answer is that I believe God has called me to use my unique talents, strengths, and aptitudes for something different that will impact peoples’ lives in a powerful way.

I’ve always pushed myself in my studies ever since I stepped foot in a classroom.  School is my thing.  I’ll admit I’m a bit of a perfectionist, but I strive to harness that competitive energy by letting it fuel my passion for excellence.  God has guided me every step of my journey and opened so many doors…

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