It’s been a big, tough, heck of a year guys! And now it’s coming to an end. Are you ready?

2016 had it’s ups and downs. Many people had passed away this year, not only well-known celebrities and great men, but this includes my beloved Grandmother (the link’s to a poem I wrote for her.) The way I’d describe my 2016 in one word, which is a word I found myself using quite often: overwhelming. 

I’ve learned a lot this year. Felt far too much emotions for my own good. Wasted time. Savored moments. Cried. Laughed. Made new friends. Met up with old ones. Hurt much. Loved even more. Spent time with family. Sang my heart out. Murdered my brain over and over again (thanks to college.) And man, just thinking of all the things that happened in a span of 365 days… it’s not enough! HAHAHA I WANT TO DO MORE! And thank God there is a fresh, new, untouched year… 2017! You are greatly welcomed!

I guess I’ve decided to write again- after a long time of not doing so (too lazy to explain)- I’d like to dedicate this post to the many who made 2016 a year worth remembering. WOOH this is for YOU! ❤

To GOD first and foremost, no words can describe how much great things You’ve done in my life. I don’t think I’ve been keen in showing my gratitude and gratefulness for all you’ve done for me. All the time I’ve wasted scrolling on Facebook, watching useless poop on Youtube- argh regrets! I’ve been a such a hypocrite, I realized. I failed to place my focus on you, which resulted to frustrating and empty days. But thank you for never giving up on me and for not keeping me that way. You’ve sent people to look out for me and encourage me back to you. You were always, ALWAYS there for me with open arms despite my stupidity. Gah You’re the best, Lord! Thank you…

To my parents and baby sister who continue to endlessly support me with whatever decisions I make, ya’ll who never fails to make me laugh (and cry), who listens to all my stories and rants through skype- idk how ya’ll put up with me! It’s amazing!

To my relatives who treats me like a Princess (Repunzel to be accurate hahaha), thank you for always taking care of me, feeding my hunger and making 2016 enjoyable! I’ve learned a lot from you guys.

To all mah buds (close/notsoclose/beri close), thank you for putting up with my hyper, odd, cringe-worthy moments. Hahaha for that, ya’ll get a virtual hug!

I didn’t really plan much for 2017, but I’m hoping to do a lot! Probably join a dance class if ever I have the time. Paint, if ever I find the time. Sing ALL the time. Study harder. Go out more (huehue with permission from fam of course! Psh!) Most importantly, spend more quality time with my family and relatives. Dedicate all that I do to God. And just work with all my best. Hit me with your best shot 2017! (actually, not too hard)

Let’s look up to a productive and an amazing new year! A year filled with awe and wonder, and a life dedicated to Jesus ❤

Grace and Peace.


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