Stubborn Pride || Short Poem

That smug face of yours
Provokes my stubborn pride.
Trying to prove you wrong
When I know that you are right.

A headstrong lass you are
But alack, so am I.
Arguments starts to raise
And our chins held up high.

What do I gain, dear Self
But a black and hardened heart?
“To win is to lose” my conscience would say,
But to lose is to dust my pride away.

Right now would be the time
To cut out this silly war.
But pride fears the word “LOSER”
Written in bold with an underscore.

That smug face of yours
I wish I could wipe away
Provokes my reckless pride
To make all things go my own way.

But God rebukes my foolish heart
And tells me to let it go;
Chew it off like bubble gum
And pop it with a blow.

There are times when I am right
And what I say does have a point.
But my emotion-masked retorts
Hinders the “good” in my intentions.

If what I say, truest of truths,
Is without a care or clue.
All they’d hear from my own mouth
Is my pride I try push through.

In the end I’d have to learn
From the shame of my mistakes.
A loving and humble heart
Is all it really takes.

Not fighting back and giving in
Doesn’t mean that you are weak.
In fact, you’d be rewarded
If His righteousness ye seeks.

Lord, please begin to humble
My own hard, imprudent heart.
I’m willing to give it in
And walk my way back to the start. – Mary France





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