Dear Nay || Poem for Lola

[Philippians 3:13]


Dear Nay,

I wish I had more time to spend with you.
And God, who is Good, had made it true.

When we- well you, talked the whole night through
About a certain story of your youth.
I listened patiently though it had become slightly repetitive
(Which is usual for a woman your age)

Retelling of the “good ol’ days” as each minute passed,
Your eyes would twinkle with fondness,
And you laughed and smiled to yourself
As if your memory was freshly fabricated just yesterday.

Though in all truth it must’ve been more than decades ago.
I’m glad I stayed and savored that moment with you.
Little did I know… your days were few;
Your nights were numbered and your time would pass.

I thought we’d have more birthdays together,
You and I on the month of July, the 22nd.
I promised myself that I’d spend more time with you,
But I should’ve done it sooner,
Because you left far too early.

And it didn’t register in my mind that you were gone
Just thinking about the things I’d miss about you
Was enough to make me realize that you won’t come back.

When they tell me to rejoice because you’re in heaven-
Is it wrong for me to say that I’m not happy?

I’m not happy because you’re in heaven…
And I’m not. I’m not there with you.
It’s a selfish thought, but the world is crashing upon me
And I’ve never been as homesick as I am today.

I just want to go home…

Death came sooner than I expected.
A dental student, a college professor, a friend’s dad;
Innocent flesh dying every minute.
And now you too?

But if you ask me how do I do, don’t you worry.
I’m fine now, thank you.
Does that mean I have forgotten you?
Of course not! I will remember you ’til I too pass away.

There is a time for everything…
A time to mourn and a time for joy.
For at night, I cried myself to sleep
But then the morning came, the sun rose and a new day begins.

I strain forward to what lies ahead,
And look towards what God has in store
For Providence gave all these things to me,
And He too hath taken them away.

Praise be His name still, rejoicing for the glory that is to come.
If death is swift and time is passing,
There’s no need to rush, for Life will come
And carry me home to see you again.

Sa muling pagkikita.



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