Journey of a Dorm Bible Study Group

Before college started, I’ve had this desire to start a Bible study at the university or at the dorm. It was a dream of mine to have fellowship with people of the same spirit and passion to know and share God. When college came, the school works and stress came along with it. The idea of starting a Bible study in the dorm vanished and I slowly forgot about it. But God had a different route in mind.

Just a week ago, one of my classmates, who happened to stay at our dorm as well, suggested to take up a Bible study in her room. She said that she’s been praying for some spiritual fellowship for a long time. I may have let go of that plan, but God hasn’t. To me, having my quiet time with Him everyday was enough (which sometimes doesn’t even push through because of the busyness). But God knew more. He knew I needed more discipline, encouragement, and spiritual growth through fellowship in His word and Spirit. My heart smiles at this because God cares so much about us. He will not allow to let us slip away that easily.

We held our first Bible study in our dorm at La Consolacion College in her small room that had just enough space for five people. There were three of us present, Shayne, Crystal, and I. We started with a short prayer, worship, then to the Word, sharing, and prayer requests. It was a great beginning! We were filled with joy and renewed passion for the Lord.

We plan to invite random people to our small group meeting and hopefully, there will be some who would be interested to join. It won’t be easy. There will be rejection, persecution, opposition and a lot of other things that might try to stop our plans. Not only that, but if the number of people in our Bible study grows, we would have to plan on changing our location to somewhere more spacious. We might attract some unwanted attention which may lead to the end of our dorm room Bible study. Our University and dormitory is a very religious community, so something that goes against their practice might alarm them. I doubt that meeting together to read the Bible goes against their religion, but there are still a few stories of Christian colleges shutting down small group meetings and comparing it to fraternities and sororities. Though we’re not yet in that situation- in fact, very far. It is good to prepare for when it might happen.

I’m just so amazed and psyched up about how quickly everything is coming to place! So I thank the Lord for this great opportunity to learn His word, grow closer to Him, and reach out to others and share God’s greatness to them. I was also slightly surprised that there were actually people who are as excited as I am for the Bible study.

There’s a lot to think about though. It’s easy to just plan a date and simply invite people and share the Word. But we should also contemplate about our motives, our mission, what is the goal of the group, and what does it hope to grow into or impart to it’s members. How do we plan to reach out to people? Will the dorm allow a small room organization to take place? So these are the few important things we’d have to discuss and ponder on before we start expanding our small group.

I can’t wait for the next session! Though I’m quite anxious as well ’cause I’ll be the next to lead the meeting. I know I shouldn’t, but I’ve always been conscious of what people might think of me when I speak in English (I stay in the Philippines and I’m not very fluent in Tagalog). Though it’s nothing I should worry about, it was always something that troubled me ever since I was a child. Anyway, I shouldn’t be worried about it because God’s got it all covered. He’s got everything all sorted out. I just have to do my part. And I’m pretty excited!

I’d love it if you guys lent your prayers for our Bible study to continue to run smoothly and along with the will of God. Thank you for all your prayers and support! Will be updating you all to how it went 😉

Lots of love and sprinkles of joy!


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