A Straight Path || College Talk

I would like to dedicate this post to my One and Only Beloved Jesus Christ who has been with me through everything. He never left me on my own. Through the joy, He’s there. Through the sorrow, He’s there. I just want to acknowledge His faithfulness and goodness in my life. He’s done a lot of things that is far too many to count. I’m so grateful for what He has done in me- no words can describe His majesty!

I’ve broken His heart countless of times and I am not worthy of His never-ending love, grace and mercy. I still find it amazing that He willingly chose to forget my sins and take me as I am. He who is God became flesh to die for my sins while I was still a sinner. Amazing…

The main message of this post is based on the Bible verse Proverbs 3:6 “in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight.” I believe that I am a living witness that God would keep His word. He certainly will make your paths straight and clear if you submit to Him and His perfect will.

When you enter your first year of college that is when the word CHANGE slaps you in the face. You will be met with different people who have different views and beliefs. You’ll have to adapt to your new environment, lifestyle, tight schedules, food choice, big responsibilities, etc. Our approach to these big changes is what determines how the rest of the year would be. You can’t stay afraid, shy, and reserved for long. We have to get out of our box. But we certainly can’t do it all on our own- I couldn’t. I’d be fooling myself if I said I did- so I surrendered it all to God. Multiple times actually.

I say that I “surrendered” multiple times because I never actually did let God take the wheel. I took it all upon myself. I’m one who likes to plan everything and if I don’t get it my way- it frustrates me. I learned that frustration is a sign that you are putting God in a box. It’s a sign that we’re trying to do things by our own strength. It’s a sign of pride and it’s a sign that you need God’s grace to help you.

“Grace is God’s power made available to us free of charge, enabling us to do with ease what we could never do on our own with any amount of struggle or effort.”
– Joyce Meyer
When I was searching for a University I remembered being so excited to plan everything in advance. Everything should be perfect! Sadly, my enthusiasm was cut short ’cause as time grew shorter and graduation came closer, I started to panic. Finding a University and searching for the right course suddenly became a burden. I started to get frustrated. I would cry every night, study until my eyes hurt, and worry about my future. But in the end, I always find myself going to God. What I should’ve done in the beginning.
God was telling me “My child, you’ve done your part well. Now let me do Mine.”
We’re partners with God. God has a part and we have a part. God won’t do our part and we can’t do His part.
God will do what we cannot do.
– Joyce Meyer

I started to lose hope in myself and somehow, that was a good thing because my hope went to God. I didn’t realize it then, but I was the fog that made the path unclear. I was the double-minded culprit who went to the crooked lane when I could’ve pushed my pride away and let God make my paths straight and clear the fog out of the way. That meant I had to get out of God’s way.

Once I finally let God handle my burdens, which He was willing to take, it felt like the weight was lifted off my shoulders. It wasn’t easy to let go because of my pride and stubborn attitude, but it’s actually very simple. Just do your part and you have to allow God to do His part. God won’t do His part if you don’t let him. Where’s the freedom in that?

The first year of college was and is a breeze for me. There were little bumps here and there, a little touch of sadness and tears, but God- BUT GOD changed my perspective of situations which changed the way I approached it which affects not only me but also the other people around me. I was filled with joy which I believe came from only GOD alone.

I tell you, He did so many things in my life and I believe, He would love to do great things in Your life as well, that is if you let Him. 😉

Glory be to God! ❤



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